Our Mission…

Ryan and Michaela(Mickey) are family photographers by day and music photographers by night. We love kids and enjoy accessing their little worlds of imagination through photography. Your kiddos won’t be this age for long so it’s important to keep the memories.

We want to help young creatives make it in the music industry through visual media. The music industry is a difficult shell to crack and we want to help give you the tools to do so. In addition to photo and video you can find articles on our blog to give you tips and tricks that will help you in the early stages of your career.

We are looking to build partnerships with other music businesses in the area in order to recommend more resources to budding artists. Contact for collaboration.

Photography provided by Michaela Salvo and Ryan Sehmi.

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OUR Team…

Our team consists of Michaela Salvo and Ryan Sehmi.

Michaela started photography at the age of 11 when she saved up all her money to buy a pink Fuji Film camera to document family trips. At the age of 13 she began chemical photographic processing, first with pinhole cameras and then studying 35mm film photography at Appel Farm Preforming Arts Camp. She moved on to digital photography later that year. Michaela has studies photography at Camden County College, The Massachusetts College of Art and Design and currently Central Connecticut State University. At 18, Michaela founded her first business, Michaela Salvo’s Photography which evolved into Bella Cada Media in 2019. In 2017 she was a photo documentarian for Appel Farm, she spent all day photographing the kids magical summer camp experience and uploading them for their parents to see. She later went on to be a daycare photographer for Clix NE where she traveled all over New England taking portraits of babies and toddlers.

Ryan got his start in the industry playing guitar at the age of 15 in the band “Our Typical Situation”. At 18 he played bass in “Dead Ends and Detours” before joining “New, Again”, the band he currently plays rhythm guitar in and does backing vocals for. After Sixth Form, Ryan declined his offer to study Religion and Theology at the University of Manchester to instead study the visual medium of Film and Television production at the University of Hertfordshire in 2016. Upon meeting Michaela in 2017, Ryan began to shadow and assist her during photoshoots in the endevour to learn more about the art form. Ryan is currently studying abroad at Central Connecticut State University where he has had the opportunity to explore photography and video production in a completely different context and environment that he has been previously acclimated to. With all the challenges and hardships of studying in a completely different continent, Ryan has been able to learn and grow as a person and an artist.

The pair met at Appel Farm Arts Camp in the summer of 2017. Michaela worked as the photo documentarian and Ryan taught guitar, ensemble performance and rock band to children age 7-17. During that summer they became best friends before later falling in love. They decided to combine their shared love for visual media and music to create Bella Cada Media, a name which combines their heritage, where they do live music documentation, portraiture, fine art, event coverage and music videos.

All videography provided by Ryan Sehmi.


What Do We Offer?

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Documentarian Photos:

We will come to play centers, daycares or parties and photograph the kiddos in their element. We will follow them as the play and capture beautiful memories. For play centers and daycares, we will come in, free of charge for your business and provide photography services and send the photos to the parents who can then choose whether of not they’d like to purchase them.



We offer family portraits, engagements and couples, seniors, promos and more. You can hire us by an hourly rate or even for a half day or full day.


Live Music:

Live music photography is important because it show future fans what your stage presence is like. Of course you want people to listen to your music but you also want them to come see you perform live.

Documentarian Video:

We will come to your wedding or event, film it and edit the clips together. It makes a great memento from any event.

Music Videos:

We offer a number of music videos to suit your needs. We can create a video of you performing, a storyline video or a combination of the two.